This year, we shall see significant changes to how, why and where people holiday. Let’s get an insight on the shape of things to come.

Maximising the micro trip

2019 will be the year of ‘bite sized travel’ – squeezing in more curated travel itineraries into shorter time frames. Thanks to improvements in flight routes, transport, cheap flights, on-demand car rentals and accommodation, micro trips will become increasingly more popular and varied. The chance to stay in unique and remarkable types of accommodation during short getaways will also reportedly become trendier.

Conscious travel

2019 is the year of the conscious traveler; issues from human rights and equality, to working conditions and environment issues influence people’s decisions about potential destinations. Almost half of travellers told that they feel social issues are of significant importance when choosing where to go. Meanwhile, more than half choose not to go to a destination if they feel it will negatively impact the people who live there. Safety, regardless of gender or ethnicity, are also of great importance to explorers. Destinations and organisations will increasingly step up their support for women travelling alone. 


Credit card debt, unwanted presents and over-the-top marketing from retailers will drive more people out of the country for Christmas 2019. This year, family trips over the festive season have doubled and 29% are solo travellers. In a real break from tradition, holidaymakers are choosing trendy destinations in Middle East, India, Cambodia and Central America, instead of a white Christmas.

Women’s empowerment

Travel will become a tangible way to empower women in developing countries. With 2018 all about the ‘me too’ movement, travellers will look for opportunities to make a real difference. More women will travel to developing countries to support local women, with the launch of women’s only expeditions to experience life in select destinations.

Easy does it

Artificial intelligence, virtual reality, speech recognition – these are the innovations that will slowly take over and simplify the way we holiday in 2019. As says, think keyless room-access with your phone, personalised travel tips or a robotic concierge who can communicate with guests in their mother tongue. Travellers are reportedly now more enthusiastic about real-time luggage tracking through a mobile app and having a single app for all their planning, booking and travel needs (57%) than the prospect of using self-driving transportation in their destination (40%). 2019 will also see more tech developed for use pre-trip at research stage. Almost a third (31%) of global travellers admit to liking the idea of a ‘virtual travel agent’ in their home, and one in five want to see technology, such as augmented reality, helping to familiarise themselves with a destination before they arrive.

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