MG Hotel Supplies managing director Guy Markarian told Hotelier Middle East at The Hotel Show Dubai that “the future innovation is customisation” as he highlighted the brand’s new range of fully customisable plates.

Rather than simply choosing from a range of pre-set options, the new range from MG Hotel Supplies will allow chefs to choose everything including the exact shape and size of their plates.

Markarian said: “We sit down with them, we hear the inspiration about the outlet they want and we design a specific plate or range of chinaware for them.

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“Chefs are very picky in the way of presentation and the competition between the different outlets in the market obliged them to stand out. If they don’t have suppliers giving them the tools how are they going to be different? We have to offer something different to the customer because it’s our responsibility.”

Also on show at the MG Hotel Supplies stand at The Hotel Show Dubai are wine glasses that can survive being hit with a hammer, and attendees are invited to try it out.

Markarian told us that durability is the second most important innovation after customisation, saying: “In the end we are in the hospitality field and you cannot propose home stuff for a hotel, so durability is very important. We are proposing lines that are unbreakable.”