Monviso Trading at The Hotel Show Dubai 2018 Monviso Trading at The Hotel Show Dubai 2018

Monviso Trading managing director Stefano Iorini told Hotelier Middle East at The Hotel Show Dubai 2018 that he thinks the trend for cost effective products is here to stay.

Speaking at the Monviso stand, Iorini said that “people are more and more sensitive to cost so we need to be able to provide products which will help them save”.

However, that doesn’t necessarily mean going for the cheapest option, as he said Monviso had a number of products that “might seem expensive but once you make the real calculation of the food cost, chefs will realise it is very convenient to use this kind of specialised product”.

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Even if the market takes an upswing, Iorini said he thinks the trend towards better value is here to stay regardless of industry conditions.

Among the new products being touted to buyers at The Hotel Show Dubai by Monviso are Cavanna olive oil and Fagalosi bread sticks, which will accompany the company’s eponymous water brand and its core range of fruit and vegetables.