Ammar Kanaan. Ammar Kanaan.

Central Hotels has entered into an agreement with Crave Interactive to install digital guest room tablet directories across its hotels.

In addition to serving as a digital guest service directory, Crave Interactive will assist in providing a range of services such as wake-up calls, restaurant reservations, dining menus, housekeeping requests, guest notifications, and guest feedback.

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Central Hotels chairman Ahmad Al Abdulla said in a statement that the partnership will "not only support our green objectives but will also boost operational efficiency".

"We are proud to exceed the expectations of our guests with innovative conservation initiatives. Protecting the environment is vital for us and a significant component of our corporate strategy. Crave is a world-class product and looks great in rooms. It is easy to update and very helpful, hence we expect both our guests and staff to love it. Additionally, this move has considerable cost-benefits and will help in driving increased ancillary revenue," added Central Hotels general manager Ammar Kanaan.

Crave Interactive chief commercial officer Tim Butterworth added that the company is seeing an increasing trend toward replacing paper with digital products.