Meiko launches M-iClean H in its dishwasher range. Meiko launches M-iClean H in its dishwasher range.

German ware-washing company Meiko has added a new hood type machine to its M-iClean under counter range called M-iClean H.

The new addition offers new features such as a hood that opens and closes automatically, a drying table, stainless steel pipework, waste water heat recovery, and a mechanism designed to stop heat escaping from the machine.

The automatic hood lifting system sets a visible standard in the wash-up area, taking on key responsibility in the warewashing process and claims to save up to 30 minutes in dishwashing time according to a statement.

Meiko Group CEO Stefan Scheringer said: "Our concept of an innovation is something that succeeds in the marketplace because people can really make good use of the novel.” The company provided the customers with the new machine along with the features during the twelve-month test phase.”

“Meiko engineers have achieved some fantastic results in terms of sustainability and efficiency: the stainless steel waste water heat recovery system allows us to achieve energy savings of more than 15%. And by manufacturing the wash arm components with even greater precision, we've achieved a remarkable improvement in the wash results,” Meiko Group CTO Thomas Peukert added.

The FHA Organisation has awarded Meiko a gold for the machine in the light equipment category.

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