Grand Millennium Al Wahda Abu Dhabi. Grand Millennium Al Wahda Abu Dhabi.

Grand Millennium Al Wahda Hotel Abu Dhabi has managed costs savings of up to AED100,000 (US $27,225) over the last year as a result of its commitment to green initiatives. 

The hotel has resolved to reduce its carbon footprint through a series of environmental waste management initiatives, which have generated a 43.1% waste reduction and a 17.5% increase in recycling on the previous year.

The initiative was developed in accordance with Tadweer’s Annual Waste Reduction Action Plan (WRAP) and was led by the property’s general manager Enad Tannous, and managed by the director of engineering Govind Kochak and environmental health & safety officer Bijender Dayanand.

According to Kochak, the hotel was able to achieve cost savings by implementing waste segregation at source through provision of separate collection bins on each floor, as well as in the kitchens, food and beverage outlets and garbage rooms.

Additionally, the staff are given regular orientations on best environmental practices and sustainability programmes, in line with the organisation’s philosophy and methods.

“We understand the importance of keeping our staff motivated. We encourage group discussions, offer seminars and presentations, and share daily updates during team briefing,” noted Dayanand.

Tannous says the programme has motivated him and his staff to explore other sustainability projects such identifying sustainable alternatives to plastic.

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