Airbnb launches Travel Stories. Airbnb launches Travel Stories.

Airbnb has launched a new feature called 'Travel Stories' that allows users to upload videos to show the highlights from their trips.

The company’s new innovation is also proving user tips to curate video stories like how to hold the phone steady, angles, etc. and has listed the suggestions in the FAQ section.

According to Recode, the Snapchat Stories-esqe feature was “quietly rolled out to a beta group of users” who were invites to submit 10-second clips of various travel experiences that they could edit together using the Travel Stories feature.

To create the story, users have to click on ‘add video’ and choose videos from the phone to curate a story and later tag locations and add captions.

The aim behind the new feature launch is to promote experiences beyond just the accommodations that Airbnb is mostly known for which will give users a platform to share experiences about various “places of interest”, Recode explains.

The feature is available on iOS only at the moment with the newest version of the app.

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