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The US Centre for Disease Control and Prevention's Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report has revealed that more than 27,000 people have gotten sick from using public pools, spas, hot tubs and water parks between 2000 and 2014.

The report added that most of the instances of disease outbreaks took place at hotels, including their pools, spas and hot tubs, and water parks as well. 

Some of the diseases found included Cryptosporidium, Pseudomonas, and Legionella. Crypto bacteria can survive for multiple days in properly maintained pools. The CDC also found two bacteria in public waters: Legionella, responsible for Legionnaires' disease, and Pseudomonas, which causes ear infections and rashes. 

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Public health officials examined data from 46 US states and Puerto Rico for the report and found that hotel pools and hot tubs contributed to about 32% of the outbreaks. Public parks came in second 23%, then club/rec facilities 14% and water parks 11%.

Of the 157 hotel-related outbreaks, 94 had a confirmed infectious etiology according to the report, 40 were caused by Pseudomonas, 29 by Legionella, and 17  by Cryptosporidium. Sixty-five hotel-related outbreaks were associated with hot tubs/spas.

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