Middle-Eastern tourists from Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain were told that the popular Parisian restaurant L'Avenue was fully booked. The restaurant however has denied the accusations.

Sister website Caterer Middle East reported that the restaurant refused bookings from people with Arabic-sounding names, women in headscarfs and people from a number of Middle-Eastern countries.

Buzzfeed reported that L'Avenue, near the famed Champs-Elysees boulevard, had "put in place a veritable system of discrimination", by turning down reservations from diners with Arabic-sounding names.

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AFP reports an ex-employee as saying: "If a veiled woman showed up to the restaurant, they had to be told that the restaurant was full, even if it was not", it also alleges that the former waitresses said the system was still in place.

The report also backs up the allegations with printed screenshots of text messages between staff that supported the claims along with a list of telephone country codes kept at the front desk, to identify citizens of the Gulf countries.