Credit: Arabian Park Hotel and Park Hotel Apartment/Facebook. Credit: Arabian Park Hotel and Park Hotel Apartment/Facebook.

The Arabian Park Hotel and Park Hotel Apartments located in Al Jadaf area Dubai has launched an organic garden project within its facilities in the main garden area.

The garden launch is aimed at creating awareness and importance of sustainability through an engaging and productive activity that generates both revenue and is beneficial environmentally.

The garden is made up of various plots that have been designated to hotel departments who take charge of nurturing their own miniature gardens which includes setting up watering schedules between departmental colleagues, planting and cleaning their miniature gardens. 

The initiative also aims at reducing food waste by not bulk producing and harvesting only according to day to day requirement, the hotel said. Some of the produce grown in the garden include roca salad leaves, tomatoes, chilies, eggplants, radish, spinach, watermelon and squash

The produce harvested from the gardens will be utilised by the hotel chefs who will use it to create healthy dishes and add them to the hotel’s F&B outlets’ menus. 

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