Saudi Arabia is set to put tourist visa regulations in place. Saudi Arabia is set to put tourist visa regulations in place.

Hilton’s Ajami said that the market in Jeddah is thriving and Hilton currently operates two hotels in the city— Waldorf Astoria Jeddah Qasr Al Sharq and Jeddah Hilton. “We expect our presence in Jeddah to expand in the coming years as large scale projects such as the Jeddah Downtown development fuel continued demand for accommodation,” Ajami added.

Kyriakidis added that Jeddah will continue to maintain its appeal in the long run for those visiting for both leisure and business.

According to Kyriakidis, Marriott International’s future growth strategy is testament to the Kingdom’s vision to achieve a thriving economy, vibrant society and build an economic powerhouse, which will be largely achieved by raising non-oil revenue to US$160 billion by 2020, up  from $43.5 billion in 2017. Tourism will play a crucial role in boosting this revenue and strengthening the economy.

In terms of the future for the hospitality industry in Saudi Arabia, Kyriakidis said that the Saudi Vision 2030 makes it a very exciting time for those working in, or hoping to work in, the travel and tourism industry in the Kingdom.

The renewed focus and investment in the sector opens up a wealth of opportunity for both Saudi nationals and tourists alike.

“Following a successful 40 years in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, we remain committed to our continued support towards growth of the tourism sector. Our Saudi Arabia growth plan along with the implementation of our programs aim to foster local talent, share best practises and ultimately support the development of the sector as a whole,” he added.

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