Why is it important that you support the Hotelier Middle East: Executive Housekeeper Forum?

Executive housekeepers are critical to our business. They have consistent and direct contact with the guests, and are often the most efficient source of market feedback for us. Ensuring we consult closely with our housekeeping partners allows us to bring relevant products to the market.

What do you think are the main challenges facing housekeeping professionals in 2018?

There’s always a challenge to maintain a very high in-room guest experience, while balancing this with budget constraints.

What are the latest product launches from your company?

We’re very excited about creating the feel of an in-room spa experience with amenities, and have some interesting news around that.  We’re also excited about developments in the field of local relevance so that we can provide a compelling amenity offer to the GCC guest, as well as tourists who are interested in a heritage experience.

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