Uniforms are an important feature for all hospitality establishments, to create an identity and professional image and generate brand recognition through corporate colour schemes and distinguishing features such as logos.

For all sectors of the market there are certain criteria to take into consideration.

While design and style are obviously paramount, it’s also necessary to be aware of other important factors such as budget. To that end, we have to make sure that the fabrics we use hit a certain price point, ensuring the garment costs do not get inflated, but at the same time safeguarding the fabric quality.

We have to confirm that the uniforms will still provide the performance our customers have come to expect, particularly when using industrial laundries.

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In order to maintain those standards, we work with specific textile mills, developing and producing fabrics that, while remaining stylish, still offer a similar level of durability to the more expensive, technical fabrics.

The design of a garment has to be well thought out. Of course you want it to be stylish and reflect the personality of the venue, but you have to be aware that design choices can affect price and performance as well.

A customer may be interested in a fabric that could potentially inflate the price of a garment but if you use that same fabric as a smaller trim, the impact on the cost can be reduced, while still providing the customer with the look and feel that they require.

We also have to make sure that our level of service isn¹t affected. No matter the size of the property that uniform suppliers work with, there is always an expectation of a certain level of commitment from the supplier. We need to ensure that we have availability of fabric and trims for the small orders of re-runs that will be required during the lifespan of the uniform.

On the technical side, we also need to offer continuity of sizing and fit, so that when old and new garments are worn side by side, no differences can be discerned by wearers or by customers.

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