The Plaza hotel, New York. The Plaza hotel, New York.

While luxury hotels are popping up in increasing frequency around the world, Hotelier Middle East decided to take a look at some of the most iconic hotels in the world, that have a special place in history as well. 

In no particular order, here our are top 5 picks. 

1. Claridge's, London

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Claridge's London opened in its doors in 1856 and has 203 rooms and suites. On it's official website Claridge's says that its "reputation as a haven for dignitaries is enhanced when many exiled heads of state use it as a refuge during the Second World War." The Kings of Greece, Norway and Yugoslavia remain there for the duration. Fun Fact: CNN reports that suite 212 was declared Yugoslavian territory in June 1945 so that Crown Prince Alexander II could be born on his own country's soil.


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2. Plaza hotel, New York

Plaza Hotel in New York is without a doubt one of the most historically significant hotels on the East Coast. Having featured in major Hollywood blockbusters like Home Alone 2 and The Great Gatsby, its significant guests have included Eleanor Roosevelt and The Beatles. Recently the hotel has courted controversy with this story and this story

3. Taj Mahal Palace, India

The Taj Mahal Palace hotel, one of the sites of the horrific Mumbai terror attacks in 2008, was commissioned by businessman Jamsetji Tata and first opened its doors to guests on December 16, 1903. US President Barack Obama booked out the entire Taj Mahal Hotel for two days for his visit to Mumbai in November 2010.

4. Burj Al Arab

Dubai's Burj Al Arab opened its doors in December 1999 and is touted to be the world's first and only 'seven-star hotel'. Construction of the island on which the Burj Al Arab is located began in 1994 and involved up to 2,000 construction workers at peak construction. Operated by Jumeirah, if you choose to stay at this hotel you get to pick from a host of luxury services like optional chauffeur-driven Rolls-Royce, helicopter trips from the rooftop helipad, private beach access and access to an outdoor terrace with pools and cabanas.


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5. Shelbourne Hotel, Dublin

This hotel was first opened in 1824 almost 200 years ago and is the place where the signing of the Irish Constitution took place in 1922. It's commonly known as the Grand Old Lady of Stephen’s Green by locals. It is also the location of the drafting of first Constitution of Ireland. The hotel has hosted dignitaries like , Princess Grace of Monaco and her husband Prince Ranier and President John F. Kennedy and his wife Jacqueline.