Testing in progress at DCL. Testing in progress at DCL.

Dubai Central Laboratory (DCL) has launched three new services for testing different food products.

“The first one is Food Validity Period Extension Service, through which different types of samples are studied and tested to determine the period required for the validity of the food product,” said head of food and environment laboratories section Maha Al Hajiri.

“Another service is for detecting commercial fraud in fresh and cooked meat, which is done through the use of immunosuppressive technology associated with the enzyme. The third service is for detecting bacterial pathogens such as salmonella bacteria, Listeria monocytogenes and E. coli using a molecular detection technique with precision and speed showing results within 42 hours,” she added.

The new tests are aimed at ensuring the quality and safety of products and making them free of commercial frauds and pathogens that lead to food poisoning according to the ISO 17025 laboratory quality standards.

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