Graze B has launched a new menu. Graze B has launched a new menu.

La Ville Hotel & Suites City Walk Dubai has introduced an all-new menu at Graze B Burger Garden.

Set next to the Graze Gastro Grill terrace, the casual dining outlet serves up a range of burgers as well as a selection of fries, mocktails and freak shakes.

The menu standout is the Half Meter Surprise – which is 50cm long. It features beef patties, lettuce, tomato, pickles, chimichurri mayo, Cheddar & Gruyère cheeses, guacamole, barbecue sauce and beef bacon. Although designed for one person with a ‘healthy appetite’, the Half Meter Surprise may be better suited for sharing.

There is also the Double Trouble burger, made with 2 beef patties, guacamole and beef bacon, the American street food inspired Swiss & Mushroom, the Louisiana Creole-style BBQ Roasted Chicken with pineapple and Smoked Chipotle dressing and the Philly Steak Bun, an original recipe of thinly sliced Angus Striploin with the addition of Graze’s special veal jus and Guajillo.

All burgers are served in house made buns.

Graze B is open weekdays 6pm - 11pm, Fridays 1pm - 11pm, Saturdays from 7pm - 11pm.

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