Ajman. Ajman.

Ajman Tourism Development Department (ATDD) has launched a hotel managers committee, with the first meeting taking place at the Ajman Saray Hotel.

His Excellency Saleh Mohamed Al Geziry, director general of ATDD, presented the department’s strategy and plans at the first meeting of the 'Hotel Managers and Sales Managers Committee'.

Issues discussed at the meeting covered recent trends in green tourism, Innovation Week and various activities to develop the tourism sector. The meeting also addressed the department’s vision to increase Emiratisation of the sector and offered support in terms of training those who work in hotels.

HE Al Geziry said in a statement: "The importance of cooperation and coordination within the hospitality sector cannot be overestimated and hotels in the Emirate play a key role in driving the development of this sector. Therefore, ATDD will meet with them frequently in order to improve performance and ensure better services for the development of the sector and at the same time preserving the public interest of the Emirate."

ATDD presented results achieved by the sector in the first nine months and the hotels' representatives presented a report on their performance during that period, as well as their expectations for the tourism sector.

Also discussed was a report on global market trends and their overall impact on tourism. The meeting also focused on developing the hospitality industry in addition to the significance of coordination between the various hospitality sectors.

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