Captain Green at The Cove Rotana Captain Green at The Cove Rotana

The Cove Rotana Ras Al Khaimah has been recognised as most efficient in waste management by Ras Al Khaimah Waste Management Agency (RAK WMA).

RAK WMA along with RAK Tourism Development Authority (RAK TDA) has mandated separation of generated waste for all hotels since May 2016. It’s part of the effort to divert 75% of the emirate’s waste from landfills by 2021.

The Cove Rotana, as part of its own Global Corporate Sustainability Platform, “Rotana Earth,” has managed to surpass RAK WMA’s expectations by adopting many sustainable practices.

Rotana’s general manager Timur Ilgaz said: “We are very proud to be the first and most active hotel in Ras Al Khaimah in managing waste which is a serious challenge.

“We are stepping up our efforts, starting with concentrating on waste segregation at source to significantly decrease waste being sent to landfill or ending up as litter in the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah,” added Ilgaz.

Some of the practices adopted by The Cove Rotana include using colour coded trash bags to separate clean and dry recyclables from wet organic waste. They use an automatic composting machine that disposes food waste within 24 hours and converts in into “grey water.” This is then used to water the resort’s landscape.

The resort has even appointed a member of the staff as “Captain Green” to ensure recycling practices are implemented and adequately sorted before RAK WMA collects the waste.

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