Adrien Callier. Adrien Callier.

Adrien Callier: Group Music Director

What initially attracted you to the role at Zuma?

Everyone had heard that Zuma was coming to Dubai but I hadn’t really thought about joining the company at that time. I then met the operations director for Zuma Middle East and after three minutes of discussion, I knew that it would become a success. I’ve since moved to the role of group music director as part of the Zuma global team and have been involved with opening six new restaurants.

Has anything changed at Zuma over the years?

Zuma does not change, it evolves. The food, service, drink, music, atmosphere has to evolve through the years to stay in-line with global market trends, but we prefer to be two steps ahead. The music we played couple of years ago is not the same as it is today and it won’t be the same tomorrow; however it keeps on reflecting the identity of the brand and its local inspirations.

The other main evolution is our team. Having people growing internally and moving between the different locations, I now have friends and colleagues around the world — that is how you feel part of a global family!

What are some of the biggest challenges you’ve faced?

My biggest challenge was initially to establish a music identity for Zuma Dubai. We wanted to be different from all other venues and not commercial. It is important that you won’t hear a similar set in Dubai.

Travelling with my job is also a big challenge, but it’s very exciting. It has made me a sharp enthusiast of the restaurant and nightlife scene in global cities such as Hong Kong, New York and Istanbul to name a few. Despite travelling on a regular basis, I remain based in Dubai and the biggest challenge for me here is to maintain the music reputation of Zuma Dubai.

What sets Zuma apart from its competitors?

As Zuma co-founder Rainer Becker says, ‘Details, details and details.’ The people are behind the details. Our team definitely sets Zuma apart from its competitors. We have fantastic leaders both globally and locally which gives us the self-confidence and the right environment to feel involved. Everyone has an opportunity to grow professionally within Zuma and contribute to its success.

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