Capsule Arts creative director and co-founder Rachael Brown. Capsule Arts creative director and co-founder Rachael Brown.

With the advent of mid-market hotels in the Middle East, the emphasis in hotel design has become less about opulent interiors and large-scale resorts designed for a wide audience, and more about hotels engaging with a specific target audience and curating an experience relevant to that guest, Capsule Arts creative director and co-founder Rachael Brown revealed ahead of the Hotelier Express Summit 2017.

In talking about current trends in the hotel design space, Brown added: "Another big area of discussion at the moment is how the lobby space is evolving. Hotels are becoming more tech savvy and removing the traditional staffed check-in desks, which in turn is opening up possibilities of what to do with that space. It has created more opportunities for lounge spaces and utilising this space for F&B outlets."

Capsule Arts, which is sponsoring the Hotelier Express Summit 2017 set to take place on November 22 at Grosvenor House, Dubai, is a specialist in providing and customising art consultant services to the hotel clients' specific requirements, Brown said. She continued: "We’re not just a supplier of artwork with a standard product range that is the same for every project – the art packages that we create are different for every project.This approach is central to Capsule Arts' ethos."

Brown further explained that this approach to art consulting has enabled Capsule Arts to provide clients with a completely tailored service that harmoniously blends hotel brand values with the hotel's interior design and the functionality of its space.

She is cognisant of the fact that the regional hospitality industry supply pipeline is on an aggressive upswing. "I would say supply and demand is a key challenge; the regional industry is currently being flooded with hotel brands that are new to the region, and many of these offer varying price options to visitors, making it very competitive. As art consultants, we are mainly involved in the construction of new hotels, or with refurbishments. In our experience hotels are looking to stand out in this market and the artwork is often a way to create a story throughout the property and leave a lasting impression on visitors – be it in the hotel lobby, or their speciality restaurant."

"The UAE budget and mid-market hotel industry has really shaken things up in Dubai – it’s a very exciting time," she added. "These hotels are drawing in a new kind of tourist to Dubai."

In view of the challenges accompanying the ongoing transformation of the hotel industry, Brown has realised that events such as the Hotelier Express Summit is more relevant than ever to industry stakeholders.

"It’s extremely valuable to have a platform that brings together regional stakeholders," she said, in speaking about the Summit."It’s a fantastic resource to share and gain information, and gives participants the chance to propose and discuss topics relevant to the region from best practise, to issues being faced by hotels. It also creates a good opportunity for us to network with hotel industry insiders, with the potential to generate new business leads."

Hotelier Express Summit 2017

Date: November 22, 2017
Location: Grosvenor House, Dubai
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