Marriott International, Inc., with over 6,200 properties in 125 countries, has radically enhanced the job search and apply experience with the launch of MC – the Marriott Careers chatbot for Facebook Messenger.

Powered by data-driven logic and specialised algorithms, the hospitality industry’s first virtual assistant for job seekers, according to Marriott "creates a more personalised and efficient experience while delivering several other benefits to users who have an interest in a Marriott career."

The way it works is: the chatbot converses with job seekers, guides them to easily apply for open jobs based on discipline and location, and provides education on the company culture and values. Job seekers can ask detailed questions like, “Do you have event manager job openings in Chicago?” or “Do you have restaurant manager job openings in San Francisco?”

Additionally, a brief quiz within the conversation offers job seekers a fun way to learn which of the 30 Marriott hotel brands may align more closely with their interests. Job seekers can chat with MC by downloading the latest version of Facebook Messenger and adding Marriott Careers, or by visiting Marriott Careers on the Facebook website and clicking Message.

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