The ENTERTAINER head of travel Robert Meza. The ENTERTAINER head of travel Robert Meza.

What makes the ENTERTAINER a good fit as a supplier for the mid-market hotel sector?

This sector usually targets a more diverse type of audience. The mid-market hotel sector guest is a dynamic, savings-oriented and digital traveller looking to get the most out of the property and the destination. We believe that our solutions seek to solve these savvy travellers’ pains, and help them enhance their experience. At the same time, our objective is to offer the hotels a way to find more value in their proposition, by engaging better and deeper with their own guests.

What are the trends and opportunities in the travel sector in which the ENTERTAINER can capitalise?

The current trends in the experience economy present us with many opportunities. The in-destination market is becoming stronger, and brands are building their mobile-first products to serve the digital travel generation. Users want to engage in a simpler, deeper and more significant way with the hotel brands they come in contact with. Specific integrations like bot engines focused on feedback and guest reviews, a strong data collection capability and the chance to connect other in-property-services (e.g., own restaurant reservations or room service) will definitely enhance the hotels’ engagement with guests.

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How is the ENTERTAINER different from its competitors?

Having begun the business as a B2C-only product 16 years ago has given us enough time to enhance our services and offerings. We see this as an advantage for us. Since the development of the first ENTERTAINER App in 2013, we have invested heavily in cutting-edge technical infrastructure and have since come a long way. We are now able to tap into our rich data reserves to help hotels not just give their guests an all-round experience but also to better understand their guests. Insights from the data captured through the solutions can help hotels predict guest habits and gain insight on how to influence their behaviour. But most importantly, we give hotels a competitive edge.

What new product launches or expansion plans can you reveal? Please share details.

We are currently working on three products that will target specific segments of the in-destination/experience market. Focused on solving different pains, we put together these products to have a modular nature to serve different needs for different clients. Our focus right now is in the B2B side of the market, and we want to work with companies that are largely looking to constantly create more value for their customers and other partners.

More recently, we launched ‘ENTERTAINER Go’, an in-destination mobile platform  built for travellers who are on the go and seek convenience when exploring a travel destination. The decision to launch ‘ENTERTAINER Guest’, a hotel concierge for guests, was a logical move for us as we have great relationships with our partners in the hospitality industry. We believe this platform will provide a compelling opportunity for hotels to connect with their guests on a deeper and more significant level.

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