Dan Flannery at the Great GM Debate. Dan Flannery at the Great GM Debate.

Edition Hotels SVP and managing director Dan Flannery revealed at the Great GM Debate 2017 that the Edition Abu Dhabi has all its department heads on board.

The general manager of the Edition Abu Dhabi is Stefan Soennichsen, whom Flannery revealed he has worked with before during their tenure at Morgans Hotel Group. Prior to this pre-opening role, Soennichsen was the vice president of Damac Hotels & Resorts, and was also in the UAE from 2001-2005 with IHG and FRHI.

Flannery commented: "We’ve hired a great team of people and we’ve got a great service strategy." He noted that the property has all its department heads on board for pre-opening.

He added: "We look for people who have passion, who really embrace the culture. Culture is probably over-talked about but it’s about getting people who are going to be fanatical about the brand. For us, the service strategy is being a luxury brand but also being a lifestyle brand. It's focused around culture, and training the staff well."

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