Naim Maadad is the founding CEO of Gates Hospitality Naim Maadad is the founding CEO of Gates Hospitality

It is a paramount fact that success in any industry — needless to mention the food and beverage business is no exception — does not come easy and eventual triumph comes through endless passion, dedicated efforts, consistency without compromise, steadfast focus on the overall perspective, a clear visionary path to the future, and years of unblemished reputation.

Losing the focus in the long run is what makes many a business lose steam and collapse midway. Lack of long-term vision and inconsistency can and does bring down brands that were initially successful and captured the imagination of the market.

What makes a concept truly unique and one which transcends the downward slide which comes with time? Like a masterful surf boarder, any challenge (a.k.a. a wave) needs to be ridden and overcome with synchronised agility and long-term focus and overall objective of the brand ethos.

First, it’s all about synchronised operations. When all the parts of a machine gel well to work in precision to attain the desired results, the result is a smooth ride. Similarly all areas of the concept operations need to be in sync so as to deliver the overall objective consistently. There is absolutely no room for mistakes. Careful planning can help determine the thin line dividing success and failure.

Undeterred focus is key. Avoid any distractions from the final goal. We all know that operations bring in challenges and it can be difficult to attain the desired consistency. Success of any team depends on how well they overcome these challenges, and how they ensure that at no given moment in time do they lose their focus. When there is unwavering determination with visionary leadership, this can be attained.

Another disastrous mistake many make is to panic and deviate from the original vision. Sending a mixed signal and venturing into unchartered territory would confuse the team. Whatever the brand vision created, it is advisable to not waver and see the dream to realisation. Minor course correction is permissible — but starting a new adventure midway is not!

Consistency is the name of the game. In the culinary business — what we need is not one-day wonders — but delivering service excellence consistently for each and every guest, day after day endlessly. It is when inconsistencies creep in that the ship hits rough weather. Here is where the navigation skills of the captain plays a significantly vital role to ensure there is no instability and the team is united and passionate to deliver results consistently as per the vision envisaged when the journey started.

Simplicity is the best. Keep the operations simple — be it the menu, décor and atmosphere, warmth of service etiquette, approach to marketing, social media presence. Always remember that simplicity is what matters, and feel free to remove any complicated clutter in the operational process.

To sum up: synchronisation is the key, there needs to be undeterred focus from the vision, leaders should not waver midway from the path envisaged, service excellence needs to be delivered consistently, and overall, keep it simple.

About the Author: With more than 28 years of hospitality experience globally, Naim Maadad is the founding CEO of Gates Hospitality, which owns and operates hospitality concepts including Ultra Brasserie, The Black Lion Public House & Dining, Bistro des Arts, Reform Social & Grill, Publique and Folly by Nick & Scott. It has ownership of Six Senses Zighy Bay. Contact‎:

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