‘Tuftweave’ carpet installation by Belgotex Floors. ‘Tuftweave’ carpet installation by Belgotex Floors.

‘Tuftweave’ carpets by Belgotex Floors

New product launched by the flooring specialist in the Middle East is billed as a ‘housekeeper’s dream’ in carpets

Part of Belgotex International Group, with a 30-year history of covering surfaces in offices, hotels and homes, Belgotex Floors is South Africa’s soft flooring manufacturing specialist. The company produces 48 ranges of different flooring product options for indoors and outdoors, spanning across five types of flooring including carpets, vinyl, artificial grass, underlays and rubber.

The company’s latest product launch in the Middle East is ‘Tuftweave’, developed using a revolutionary customised broadloom carpet programme that is a stain-proof alternative to an Axminster carpet. With ‘Tuftweave’, interior designers and flooring clients possess unlimited custom design capability, with the creative freedom to have a bespoke cut-pile commercial carpet in any design. The product bears a striking similarity in appearance and comfort to a genuine, UK-produced Axminster carpet yet it is a stain-proof, bleach resistant and colourfast carpet.  Stains can be easily removed using cleaning chemicals such as bleach mixed with water, without discolouration or damage to the carpet. It is also anti-microbial, providing a hygienic environment for hotel guests that lasts the lifetime of the carpet. In addition, ‘Tuftweave’ provides exceptional performance, a characteristic which should make it an attractive option to mid-scale hotels, carrying a 15-year wear warranty.

Belgotex Floors has received ‘Green Tag’ eco-label certification, the first South African flooring manufacturer to earn the award. The company’s products have earned an internationally recognised “Level A” certification, called GreenRate™. The Green Tag certification solidifies Belgotex Flooring as a world contributor of environment-friendly products. Belgotex Floors was subjected to Green Tag’s rigorous assessment process, achieving maximum compliance with its sustainability criteria, including health and eco-toxicity, life-cycle analysis (material extraction, durability, end of life), product emissions (for greenhouse gases), as well as social responsibility.

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