Dessert made easy by Nestlé Docello. Dessert made easy by Nestlé Docello.

Meet the experts

Daniel M. Deliano, Marketing Manager MENA DMK MENA FZCO

Ahmad Popal, Head of beverages Nestlé Professional, Nestlé Middle East FZE

What are the latest developments in the field of food & beverage supplies? How do these developments especially affect hotels in the mid-market segment?

Deliano: The mid-market is definitely a growth market and we absolutely want to participate in that growth, also in terms of developing a portfolio which meets the constant change in needs of our clients. In addition, we are aiming to adapt our offers to the changing ways of consumption and applications of the products in need.

The big advantage of DMK is that it is capable of providing the full dairy range from cheese to butter, creams and UHT-milk, evaporated milk and sweetened condensed milk, all high quality products made in Germany. Furthermore, DMK has deep experience in the foodservice sector and is already a reliable supplier for many decades all over the globe.

Popal: Serving the hotel segment is a priority for Nestlé Professional and we closely monitor trends to develop the most appropriate solutions in every aspect.

What we are seeing globally is that the mid-market segment attracts a broad range of guests due to the good value it provides. One key consumer target segment for mid-market hotels is the millennial traveller, who is looking for trendy food and beverage options with a wide range of variety. Hotels in this segment, therefore, look for food and beverage solutions that are versatile, delicious and simple to use. Another key segment is the corporate traveller, who will be conscious of spending due to corporate travel policy, yet who seeks out a consistent and good quality food and beverage option.

What is your bestselling offering for the hospitality industry?

Deliano: Our high quality Oldenburger UHT-Milk and Shani Whipping Cream is very much liked by a large number of the head chefs throughout all the categories in the hoteliers’ sector. Oldenburger products are made out of 100% fresh and pure cow´s milk. There are no preservatives added; also, they are not mixed with any type of vegetable fats. This guarantees the perfect taste of fresh and pure dairy.

Popal: Our product range is ideal for the hospitality industry. They are delicious, versatile, and easy to use with minimal labour effort and training requirements. Our top four brands are Nescafé, Nestlé Coffee-Mate, Maggi, and Nestlé Docello. Nescafé and Maggi are indispensable products for hotels. Nescafé and Nestlé Coffee-Mate stick packs are a staple in virtually every hotel room in the region and Nescafé Alegria is almost the standard solution in a number of hotel staff canteens as well as staff offices.

Maggi, with a diverse range of bouillons, sauces, soups and seasonings, helps make the running of a hotel  kitchen much easier. Last but not least, Nestlé Docello is quickly evolving into a popular solution in the hospitality industry for making and serving desserts in a simple way.

What are the main challenges that mid-market hoteliers  face when it comes to food & beverage supplies and how does your company help to overcome these challenges?

Deliano: One challenge we are facing is to develop products which are suitable for the needs of our partners. Therefore, we put a focus on a sophisticated foodservice range. We assure this through constantly interacting with our clients and listening to their needs and demands.

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