La Perle by Dragone. La Perle by Dragone.

La Perle, the region’s first permanent show, has not committed to a definite opening date yet, with officials aiming for an opening "after the summer".

At a press conference last month, La Perle announced that alongside its website launching on May 17, tickets will also be going on sale.

In addition, they declared that the team had secured a number of high profile partnerships locally, regionally and internationally.

Officials from La Perle also confirmed that the theatre has already had a number of ‘buy-outs’ as far in the future of 2019, proving the show is already a hit with OTAs, DMCs and hotel concierges.

Located in the Al Habtoor City, La Perle will host 450 performances a year in a custom-built aqua-theatre. The show will be produced by cultural creative company Dragone, and directed by the artistic director Franco Dragone. 

Al Habtoor Group vice chairman and CEO Mohammed K. Al Habtoor said: “La Perle will help seal Dubai’s position as a world-class entertainment hub. The aqua-theatre is now complete, and over the next few months Franco Dragone, along with his global cast of artists, creative, production and technical teams will bring the show to life.”

Habtoor Al Habtoor, Craig Hartenstine, executive producer and Andy Levey, head of marketing spoke at length about how the show supports His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum’s vision for 2020 and that La Perle marks an evolution for entertainment in Dubai.

Craig Hartenstine, executive producer, La Perle, said: “There is a growing focus on the entertainment industry and as La Perle is not only a first for the region, the show will also encapsulate the spirit of Dubai, providing tourists with a show that’s not only visually stunning, but becomes a cultural experience that one can only be part of in Dubai – it cannot be recreated anywhere else in the world.”

In the show, the cast will perform aqua and aerial feats in the 1,300 seat theatre, which features aqua-stage filled with 2.7 million litres of water and will have the ability to change from a dry platform to aquatic stage and vice versa.

Daredevil performers will dive into the water-filled stage from a height of 25 metres and fly around the auditorium on high-powered winches at a speed 15 km/h.

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