McDonald’s UAE. McDonald’s UAE.

In a move to enable consumers to make better food choices, McDonald’s UAE has launched enhancements to its menu across the UAE.

Introduced as part of its ‘Every Day. A Better Day’ campaign, consumers can now enjoy better nutritional value from items including fries, McChicken, and Filet-O-Fish.

Following the earlier move of reducing trans fats in McDonald’s fried food to 0.01%, the brand has now successfully completed the transition of its cooking oil to a sunflower and canola oil blend at all of its 500+ restaurants in the GCC, as well as across the entire supply chain. This lighter oil blend is better for consumers as it comes with an 80% reduction in saturated fat content

As part of its commitment to continually improve the nutritional content of its meals, McDonald’s has also successfully reduced the fat content in its mayonnaise. After extensive research and product testing, the new recipe now contains 50% less calories.

Making sustainability the new normal is one of McDonald’s top priorities — both globally and in the region. As part of its sustainable fish policy, the company in the UAE has also announced that all the fish it sources comes from well-managed fisheries that only use sustainable fishing practices.

McDonald’s UAE managing director and partner Rafic Fakih said: “At McDonald’s, the happiness and well-being of our customer is at the core of what we do. As industry pioneers, we constantly strive to be better, so that every person who orders from one of our restaurants can feel good about the food choices they make. This is evident in the changes we announced today, which signify yet another step forwards in our ongoing journey of food innovation and enhancement.”

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