The Freshmilk unit with Esprecious espresso machine. The Freshmilk unit with Esprecious espresso machine.

Bravilor Bonamat is introducing a fresh milk solution for the Esprecious espresso machine.

The FreshMiIk unit has been designed to accompany the fully automatic Esprecious espresso machine, with the capability to keep fresh milk cool. Steam, air and milk are then mixed together in a frother, creating milk foam for a cappuccino, latte macchiato or a regular latte.

As hygiene is of paramount importance when using fresh milk, the FreshMilk unit has been developed for easy maintenance and cleaning in mind. A touchscreen provides a step by step guide for the machine's cleaning programme step by step. The FreshMilk unit also features an automatic rinsing programme.

For customers who prefer milk powder rather than fresh milk in coffee preparation, the Esprecious remains available for topping too.

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