Somewhere Hotel Barsha Heights, Dubai lobby. Somewhere Hotel Barsha Heights, Dubai lobby.

Somewhere Hotels is intending to introduce kiosk check-in robots in two of its properties, in Barsha Heights, Dubai and in Al Ahsa, KSA, the mid-market hotel operator's corporate office general manager Abdullatif Kabbara disclosed to Hotelier Express.

Kabbara declared: “The most exciting project we will have soon are kiosk check-in robots. We will create two kiosks in the lobby aimed at the business traveller, travellers who are in a hurry and don’t want to wait at reception but just want to get into their room. It will be similar to the kiosk concept at airports, just a slightly different design, more interactive.”

Kabbara explained that with the new innovation, Somewhere Hotels guests will be able to bypass the front desk altogether upon arrival. After making on-line reservations and obtaining a code, guests can arrive at the hotel, scan passport and credit card details at the lobby kiosk whereupon a room key will be automatically issued. He stated that the project will be ready to launch in six months and added that roll-out will focus on the two Somewhere hotels in Barsha Heights and in a new hotel opening in Al Ahsa, KSA by the end of the year.

“Personally, I am a big fan of technology.  This is an area where, if you constantly invest in and upgrade, then this is where you can actually compete with bigger, more established hotel groups,” Kabbara said.

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