How long have you been in purchasing?

I have been in the industry for 30 years. I’ve been in the industry for this long because it is what I am interested in. Hotel purchasing is like decorating your second home with all the bits and bobs that you could never have in your actual living place.

What products are you on the lookout for?

All products required in hospitality: anything and everything which is beneficial to our guests and the operator. Products which are beneficial to our associates are always welcome.

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What is the biggest challenge in purchasing today?

The market is so big nowadays, there are millions of the same thing. And it sometimes gets tricky to chase price and quality at the same time. Not all quality products are cost efficient, and vice versa.

Tell us about one of your most successful deals?

I believe the most successful deal ever closed was to replace the chillers in the hotel and the plaza side (the building joined to the hotel property). The hotel is 42 years old, and we needed chillers which would be replaced quickly, for a good price and have the best quality too. It took some time, however we managed to close off a deal that ticked all the right boxes.

How can a supplier impress you?

If you ever want to impress any purchasing manager you need to approach us with confidence and a properly conducted research of the market. What we would be looking at in addition to that is — quality, quantity and price.