Ethiopian cuisine at the newly opened Gursha. Ethiopian cuisine at the newly opened Gursha.

Gursha, a new Ethiopian restaurant located at Dubai’s Club Vista Mare on the Palm Jumeirah, brings East African flavours to the UAE.

Focusing on the traditional way of eating, the restaurant offers a communal ambience of dining together and sharing a meal with a group.

The menu features a Ye Getoch Gursha platter, also known as the King’s Feast, which is a selection of signature all the main dishes on the menu including appetizers. Other dishes include spicy lentils and curries like misir or doro wat. Most customers are caterered to with vegetarian and meat-based options to choose from ranging from chickpea gravy to beef tartar. Most dishes are served on Injera, a sourdough flat Ethiopian bread similar to a crêpe made from a gluten free grain called teff.

Gursha executive chef Beide Worku said: “We are very pleased to introduce Gursha to the UAE, making Ethiopian Culinary culture accessible to the masses. Focusing on its origin, Gursha promotes a more traditional way of enjoying a meal that encourages people to sit together and get communal. We are positive that the UAE, hosting residents and expats alike from different nations, will be receptive towards what Gursha has to offer.”


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