Pulsar Foodstuff general manager Stephen Bennett Pulsar Foodstuff general manager Stephen Bennett

Pulsar Foodstuff has invested in a range of low-cost packaging in recognition of the mid-market hotel segment’s growth in the region, general manager Stephen Bennett revealed to Hotelier Qatar recently.

“We have recently invested in a new range of low cost packaging to meet the needs of a changing market which is seeing more and more mid-range hotels enter the region,” Bennett disclosed.

“As the leading supplier of in-room snacks to the hotel industry, we want to ensure that all hotels have the opportunity to increase their brand value and enhance the customer experience.”

Bennett added that another company priority for the coming year will be the expansion of its amenities range to complement what it is currently supplying to the hospitality industry.

Hoteliers and F&B operators in Doha will be able to interact with Bennett and the Pulsar Foodstuff team at the upcoming Hotelier Middle East Qatar Hospitality Summit to be held on April 11, 2017 at Grand Hyatt Doha.

Speaking about the event, Bennett said: “It is very important for Pulsar Foodstuff to support events such as the Qatar Hospitality Summit 2017 as it allows us to stay in direct contact with our target clients and hopefully introduce ourselves to new potential customers, many of whom attend such events. It is also important during difficult and testing times not to get dragged down with the negativity which can cause many companies to go backwards. We utilise such events to push forward.”

He stays on top of the challenges faced by hoteliers and F&B operators in Qatar, saying: “At present, we are seeing a lot of new establishments under development and many more recently completed. From hotel rooms to bars and restaurants, there is now a huge amount of choice on offer. However, visitors to the area have not increased at the same rate. The result is that the amount of potential customers is being spread very thin for every outlet throughout the region. The difficulties from this are obvious and present a challenge to each and every hotel and outlet.”

He nevertheless remains bullish about the country’s prospects going forward. “Qatar is still a growing market for us and this excites us tremendously. There is so much new construction underway with exciting buildings and brands entering the market,“ he said. “We are looking forward to working with some of these potential customers and offering our selection of customised products.”

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What: Hotelier Middle East: Qatar Hospitality Summit
Where: Grand Hyatt Doha, Qatar
When: April 11, 2017
For speaking opportunities or to attend: louby.maktari@itp.com
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Website: www.hoteliermiddleeast.com/conferences/qatar/