Prologic First’s mycloud hotel management software. Prologic First’s mycloud hotel management software.

What makes Prologic First a good fit for the mid-market hospitality sector?

We understand that the mid-market hospitality sector needs software that compares with IT solutions used by upmarket hotels, with some differences. Our customers in this sector want simple, user-friendly solutions with software that can be integrated across departments to increase operational efficiency. They want products that evolve with technology to deliver incremental benefits and controls and reporting that can be scaled to their needs. Our capability to deliver this demanding combination of features at an affordable price is what makes us a good fit for the mid-market market.

What are some challenges that you face in the mid-market hospitality sector?

Our challenge is always to deliver leading edge technology at a price that mid-market hospitality customers can afford. Innovating with the latest in technology requires substantial on-going R&D investment. Adapting technology to deliver ever more complex functionality without losing ease-of-use requires further investment in usability engineering. Delivering ever greater benefits to our customers without compromising on stability and quality, adds further to our costs.

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How is Prologic First different from its competitors?

Our distinctive feature is that we are technology leaders. Software technology today includes cloud computing, mobility, analytics, social media engagement, etc. Our solutions span all these sectors. We provide a comprehensive product so our customers benefit from the latest technology and are protected against obsolescence. Another distinction is that our solutions are value engineered to deliver return on investment to our customers.

Do you have any new product ranges or plans for expansion that you can reveal?

We are focused on adding more solutions towards mobility and cloud and the recent launch of our Business Intelligence Application Power Touché on iOS has helped our hotel clients go completely green at the front desk. The software has also enabled our customers to do better analysis of their data and churn out analysis on the fly. Last year was a busy year for us and we plan to continue growing in 2017.