Khaled Kasih. Khaled Kasih.

Jordanian food technologist and food production company owner Khaled Kasih is celebrating a 15-year dream realised at Gulfood 2017 with the launch of a 100% natural and gluten-free hummus range that has a shelf life of up to 18 months.

Kasih owns and runs Amman’s Kasih Food Production Co. and has developed the technology which now produces, what he claims is “the world’s only UHT aspetic hummus.”

Kasih has secured international approval to sell his product with contracts in place with companies from Saudi Arabia and Turkey.

Along with the ‘hummus-on-the-go’ snack pack, a larger catering version and long-life home packs are also available of the product.

“The problem with hummus is that for years it has been treated with preservatives and even so only had a shelf life of two weeks. After that, there have been recalls. Now, caterers and family users can buy a product they can trust and will last,” said Kasih.

“With our technology we have found a way of keeping the freshness which reduces costs significantly for everyone, and promoting the product as a very healthy alternative to other snacks,” said Kasih.

“We have had an excellent reaction, particularly from buyers from Saudi Arabia and Turkey and that’s just the beginning. This really is a breakthrough after years of study.”

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