Nassima Royal Hotel after the accident. Photo by Sarakshi Rai Nassima Royal Hotel after the accident. Photo by Sarakshi Rai

Dubai Municipality has said that the crash at Nassima Royal Hotel on February 3 involved a metal rod and not a crane.

Over the course of the day (Friday, February 3), the weather took a turn for the worse with the National Centre of Meteorology and Seismology (NCMS) reporting that winds in Dubai reached speeds of 55 kmph at about 2pm. The subsequent crash resulted in the spread of debris that included glass shards all over Sheikh Zayed Road and the Dubai Metro tracks.

Gulf News reports that a lightning rod from one of the adjoining buildings crashed into the hotel. 

"The structure fell and split into three pieces: one fell onto the service road, another fell by the Shaikh Zayed Road while the bigger part fell at the hotel's entrance," Dubai Municipality director of Health and Safety Department and Head of Emergency and Crisis Team Redha Salman said to Khaleej Times.

When contacted by Hotelier Middle East, a public relations officer for Nassima Royal Hotel said: "The hotel doesn't plan on releasing a statement at this time."

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Falling debris also caused damage to four vehicles parked outside the hotel, two of which caught fire. Part of the crane’s jib section landed on an elevated portion of Dubai Metro, according to Construction Week Online.