CL5510 smart lock. CL5510 smart lock.

What makes Hartmann Tresore a good choice for the mid-market hospitality sector?

A quality product for a reasonable price (within the agreed budget) is what the mid-market hotelier needs in order to choose the right supplies. We offer the right price-point, in addition to reliable aftersales technical support and a three year warranty. We are introducing this level of quality in 2017 for all our products.

Why do mid-market hoteliers choose Hartmann Tresore over others on the market?

In the beginning, mid-market hotels in this region were reluctant to go for a German brand as they assumed our products were outside their price-bracket. But after being at various exhibitions here in Dubai, such as The Hotel Show, we started to get some reference projects in the area and we proved to be affordable and reliable to this sector.

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What obstacles have you encountered in developing your business in this region?

The assumption of being expensive, being a German brand, and the competition of the other brands which were established in the market many years ago were obstacles for Hartmann Tresore. But luckily, within a short time we could find many decision makers who believed in the German quality and who are ready to try a different brand. This was helped by the fact we have a full product range that caters for both front- and back-of-house.

Tell us about your mid-market plans for the coming years in this region?

We are expanding in the region by having resellers in all countries and you will see Hartmann Tresore participating in most of the exhibitions as well. Furthermore, as a company, Hartmann Tresore has recently assigned one model of each product to be affordable by any mid-market hotel, in addition to coming with three year warrantee. Going forward, we will continue to have most of the products in stock to avoid any delay in delivery.

Please tell us about product/s that you are seeing greatest demand for in the region?

Aside from the guestroom safes, we also have demand for BoH safes, especially nowadays as flammable safety storage cabinets for flammable liquids are required. We get also more inquiries for our key management system which monitors and tracks mechanical keys for offices, technical rooms, storage rooms, shops and restaurant outlets.