Marloes Knippenberg. Marloes Knippenberg.

“Videos of sterile hotel lobbies and rooms are a thing of the past,” Marloes explained at the inaugural Hotelier Express Summit at Grosvenor Hotel in Dubai.

“It’s interesting seeing the newest trends in technology and then adapting that in spreading your brand message. YouTube videos that share a feeling score higher in views than boring standard shots of a hotel.”

A good example of how this is being done?

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Hotelier Middle East earlier reported that the debut film released by Marriott’s Content Studio in March 2015, has received over 5.1 million views to date. Since its premiere, the studio has also unveiled French Kiss, which has been viewed more than 6.1 million times, and is currently in production on its third film in partnership with Renaissance Hotels, entitled Business Unusual.

Hotelier had previously reported that after the success of the short films, Marriott were considering a full length feature film as well.

However according to Marloes, in the hospitality industry “budget is usually a big constraint.”

Previously, Marriott International vice president, global creative and content marketing David Beebe said to Hotelier Middle East that it is important for brands to engage in mediums that consumers are interacting with such as Youtube and social media platforms.

“On the financial side we create packages around the film. We had released a similar promotional film titled French Kiss which was shot in Paris and had a sales package around it. That campaign generated US $500,000 worth of revenue for the hotel in just 60 days.”