Dairy activities have long been an integral part of the global food industry. Dairy activities have long been an integral part of the global food industry.


Asiago from Agriform

The Asiago is a hard, semi-cooked, semi-fat cheese made with theorised cow’s milk typical of the Asiago Alpine plateau in Italy. Depending on the different aging, it is characterised by either a more sweet taste (Mezzano) or by a more intense and fragrant taste (Vecchio). It is protected designation of origin (PDO) cheese and doubles up as an excellent table cheese or even grated (matured), Asiago d’Allevo adds flavour to dishes and is ideal as a quick appetizer eaten alone or served with cold cuts.

Monabana milkshakes

Monbana’s milkshakes are easy to prepare and are a high profit margin product. These products allow the creation of milkshakes that can be served as a gourmet beverage or as a dessert, to diversify the instant consumption. Manufactured in France, Monbana selected ingredients that stands out for their quality and variety of flavours. A range of nine flavours are on offer: strawberry with real pieces of fruits, vanilla, chocolate, caramel with caramel chips, yoghurt, mango-passion fruit, lemon, lychee and mocha. Monbana has created a whole concept around these gourmet milkshakes with accessories like take away-cups or posters, and a cocktail book with cocktail recipe ideas. Their preparation requires little equipment; only a professional blender is essential.


Oman company floats tender for dairy farm

Mazoon Dairy Company began major initiatives recently to build a dairy farm in in Buraimi in order to achieve self-sufficiency in dairy production in Oman. A tender for pre-qualifying local companies to develop the farm, dairy plant and associated facilities at Sunaynah in Buraimi was floated in August, prompting pre-qualified companies to bid for the main contract to develop a new farm, factory, offices, accommodation and associated facilities. The project is set to cover an area of 1,500 hectares.

The proposed integrated joint venture dairy project plans to start with approximately 4,000 cows in 2017, which will grow to 25,000 by 2026 when Mazoon is targeting production of approximately 202 million litres. This will help to dramatically reduce Oman’s import dependency from 69% in 2014 to 13% in 2026.

Prabhat Dairy to export cheese to Iraq

Last month, India’s Prabhat Dairy received its first export order for its cheddar cheese to Iraq. Earlier this year, Prabhat received its first order to export its sweetened condensed milk to an ice cream brand in Dubai. The company already supplies its other products, such as ghee and milk powder, to countries like Mauritius, Nigeria and Algeria, among others.

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