The Oryx Rotana team participates in No Bin Day The Oryx Rotana team participates in No Bin Day

Oryx Rotana Doha’s food waste reduction programme for its employees, which began November 2014, has resulted in cutting the typical waste from 25 kgs (of all three meals a day combined) to less than 8 kgs, for all of its staff.

The campaign has been successful, with estimated cost savings due to lessened food wastage in 2015 totalling QR 137,000 (US $ 37,600).

Run as part of the Rotana Earth programme, which the company says aims to promote sustainable business practices that minimise harm and maximise benefit to the environment, the economy and local communities, the campaign has seen hotel employees encouraged to finish everything that they take from the buffet on designated ‘no bin’ days.

Oryx Rotana Doha director of HR Antoraj Mariasusai said in a statement: “We made a campaign within the hotel with a video teaser, interviewed the colleagues to know their view on food wastage, and created posters.”

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The amount of edible wastage is segregated and calculated on a ‘no bin’ day and compared with a regular day. The results are posted on a noticeboard where Oryx Rotana staff are able to see how much wastage they have prevented.

Speaking to Hotelier Qatar, Oryx Rotana Doha marketing and communications executive Gabrielle Angeli Ramos Sol revealed that this board is updated monthly.

Progressing from two ‘no bin’ days per week, when the campaign initially launched, the hotel now hosts ‘no bin’ days for four days a week. Sol added: “For now, we will stay at four days a week.” Initially, employees felt they were being policed, she said, but are now all used to the concept.