Dr. Edward T. Saad, Founder and Chairman, Shakespeare and Co. Dr. Edward T. Saad, Founder and Chairman, Shakespeare and Co.

01. Dr. Edward T. Saad, Founder and Chairman, Shakespeare and Co.

Shakespeare and Co. now stands at 22 company-owned branches throughout the UAE, as well as two in the US and eight international franchised locations. While pursuing its aggressive development locally and internationally, this year Shakespeare and Co. has also focused on the adoption of new technologies and platforms. The company introduced mobile payment option Beam Wallet and launched Kanari, an app-based customer feedback and loyalty scheme, which has garnered more than 20,000 instances of unique feedback since launching earlier this year. It has also partnered with Foodora as its delivery service provider, opening up a new revenue stream for the company. Finally, a new website was due to launch in November, with an improved user interface and navigation experience.

Saad’s key priority for 2016 is to achieve continued growth. The company’s development schedule includes six additional stores in the UAE bringing its portfolio to 38, as well as the company’s first store in Saudi Arabia. New outlets are also planned for Bahrain, Iraq, Qatar, Oman and Egypt. Internally, the company will be upgrading its central production facility to provide more efficient output and support for its local and international stores. Saad’s vision is to also establish a foothold for the company in emerging markets such as the Far East and Africa moving forward.

Bite-sized facts:

Number of years in the F&B industry: 17
Number of years with this company: 15
Number of years in this role: 15
Number of years working in the Middle East: 35
Number of people you are responsible for: 1261
Number of F&B outlets in the Middle East: 32
Nationality: Lebanese/American

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