Reif Othman Reif Othman

Mediterranean-Asian cuisine Play Restaurant and Lounge is set to open in December, on the 36th floor of The H Hotel Dubai.

The restaurant will also feature a private dining area, a lounge, and a cocktail bar.


“A brainchild of Treenergy Management and Absolute F&B facility management LLC, the idea behind Play is to offer guests a place where they can experience extraordinary cuisine and a space that is always the source of fond memories,” said Elie Khoury, managing director of Play, and managing partner of Treenergy Management.

He continued: “We have carefully handpicked all the elements that we believe are essential for a successful restaurant and lounge concept. We then intricately and strategically put these elements together to offer what we believe is the perfect customer journey.

"Our delectable menu was carefully engineered by one of the industry’s biggest names, chef Reif Othman. This, coupled with unparalleled service, unmatched music and cutting edge design will undoubtedly set Play apart from other restaurant and lounge concepts in the region.”

Othman is the ex-regional executive chef of Zuma Restaurants for Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Istanbul, and also oversaw Miami and Hong Kong operations.

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Called "Mediterrasian cuisine", the Play concept is based on sharing.

“I am very excited and honoured to be a part of this new concept. It has given me the opportunity to spread my creative wings and curate a menu that I feel greatly appeals to the region’s tastes and palates. It is the perfect combination of East and West- applying the best from each culinary world to offer truly unique dishes with tantalising flavours and with a recurrent theme of surprise,” said Othman, director of culinary at Absolute F&B.

“Guests will always be treated to exceptional food at Play, where all ingredients have been carefully imported from only the finest sources worldwide.”

With a dedicated research & development kitchen, Othman will head a team of 40 chefs.

The interiors are designed in contemporary art deco by tdesign firm, Gregory Gatserelia. It features sharp cut brass walls, marble flooring, and signature Colossal Baroque sculptural chandeliers cascading in gold and black Swarovski crystals and pearls.