Intellibot debut at FM Expo 2015. Intellibot debut at FM Expo 2015.

Sealed Air - Diversey Gulf FZE has entered the industrial robotics cleaning market, having acquired a US-based commercial floor cleaning robots, Intellibot Robotics LLC. The robotic cleaning range was introduced to the Middle East at FM Expo 2015.

Intellibot has developed three machines to serve different cleaning needs: Hydrobot – scrubber for hard surfaces; Duobot – sweeper/scrubber for hard surfaces; and AeroBot – true vacuum for carpeted surfaces.

The machines are versatile and they allow the operator to switch between manual cleaning and hands-free cleaning with the aid of a touchscreen. The operator can just push a button and walk away to clean in other areas while the floor is cleaned, thus allowing for multi-tasking.

The hands-free cleaning Operating System (OS) incorporates up to 19 sensors, giving the robot a 360-degree view of its surroundings, and allowing it to operate and clean on its own. Sensors detect obstacles as well as people – stopping to let them pass before proceeding.

Sealed Air vice president - MEA Somer Gundogdu said: “The reason for Sealed Air to take such a bold step is to combine DiverseyCare's industry expertise and global footprint along with Intellibot's artificial intelligence technology to help accelerate the development of the robotic floor cleaning technology, and ultimately driving efficiencies and business value for the hygiene industry.

“The robotic cleaning machines that you will see later today are already in operation in signature facilities like the Changi Airport, Singapore, Sydney University in Australia and Mayo Clinic in the U.S.”

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Intellibot’s robotic cleaners offer a number of eminent benefits; it is labour efficient and one person can operate multiple machines. It standardises cleaning as the cleaning path and methodology is programmed into the robots. Lastly, it allows for total operational savings as the robots can work in the dark which means a significant savings on the electricity bill and provides up to 85% reduction on water and chemical dosage optimization compared to manual cleaning machines.

“We are extremely excited to bring this technology to the Middle East and we are proud to lead this transformation in our industry; with the use of robots, smart services and connected solutions to analyse cleaning habits of our customers, drive productivity improvement and optimize the total cost of ownership,” concluded Gundogdu.