The key source markets for Dubai hotels [click to enlarge] The key source markets for Dubai hotels [click to enlarge]

Hotels and hotel apartments in Dubai welcomed more than 11.6 million guests in 2014, up 5.6% on the previous year, according to official figures released by the emirate’s Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM).

Other key facts and figures revealed by DTCM include:

- The number of guest nights at hotels and hotel apartments increased by 7.4% to 44.66 million

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- The average length of stay increased from 3.78 days to 3.84 days.

- Hotel revenues reaching AED 23.9 billion (US $6.5 billion) in 2014, up 9.8% on the previous year.

- Room revenues increased by 12% year-on-year, while F&B and other revenues increased by 6.1%.

- Dubai’s top ten hotel guest source markets in 2014 remained almost entirely unchanged from 2013, with only slight shifts in positioning. For January to December 2014, Saudi Arabia was once again the top source market, followed by India, UK, USA, Iran, Oman, China, Kuwait, Russia and Germany.

- China moved from tenth position to seventh, experiencing 24.9% growth in the last 12 months with 344,329 hotel guests compared to 275,675 in 2013.

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