The Hotelier Middle East Spa & Wellness Forum is back for a third year, bringing together spa professionals from across the Middle East to discuss the key issues impacting their industry. Ahead of the forum, we share our list of expert speakers, and the topics that will be up for discussion at the event


The money in trends

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In the spa industry, there is a constant need to keep up with new worldwide trends. Whether it’s flotation pools and regionally themed offerings, or corporate wellness and cosmetic treatments, there seems to be a new must-have treatment or package emerging every day. Can spas in the region capitalise on these trends and turn them into substantial revenue or are these passing fads that have little impact on the overall business?

Spa as a lifestyle

Hectic lifestyles in the region means that today’s residents have less time to spend at spas. However, busy lifestyles mean that relaxation has become a very necessary part of an individual’s routine and spas are often integral to this. How do time restrictions impact spa operations, and how can you ensure that your treatments are valuable enough to create customer loyalty?

Spa positioning: what is a spa’s role in a hotel?

Successful hotels require the cooperation of all departments. Each department contributes to the overall business plan, however some departments are deemed more important than others. Where does the spa fall in the pecking order? Is it an invaluable part of a hotel’s profitability, or viewed as an ancillary revenue or an add-on that has the sole purpose of enhancing guest experience?

Getting the most out of your therapist

The most important assets to a spa are the therapists, and they are key to influencing whether customers will return. How can you ensure that your therapists are as empowered and engaged as they should be to ensure customer satisfaction?

Open Panel

In this session, we will welcome some of the region’s most senior spa representatives to answer any questions the audience may have, whether it be something related to what has been covered in the panels, or a topic not yet discussed during the day.

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