Peacock International CEO Ghassan Jaber. Peacock International CEO Ghassan Jaber.

Peacock International CEO Ghassan Jaber outlines his company’s distinctive speciality in turning an empty shell into a fully fledged hotel management company

Having been in Dubai for the last seven years, Peacock International Hotel Management has learnt to do things slightly differently. As well as offering hotels in the Middle East a fairly standard hotel management service, it also takes on projects which have allowed it to corner a specific market essential for independent hotel owners.

Speaking to Hotelier Middle East, Peacock International CEO and founder Ghassan Jaber outlines how the company has progressed from its Canadian origins to establish itself as one of the leading specialists in providing hotel branding services in the Middle East.

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This rapid rise has seen the company establish or rebrand 23 independent hotels across the region, while also taking on a management portfolio consisting of 15 hotels totalling approximately 900 rooms. When asked the secret of his success, Jaber insists it lies in knowing when it is best to walk away.

“Say you are the owner of a building,” explains Jaber, “and you are planning on turning that building into a hotel. We come in and offer the usual consultancy services to you, but we will also give you the option to either give the property to us to manage, under the name Peacock, or we can create a whole new hospitality brand for you, which is a direction a lot of owners follow”.

What Peacock International claims to offer is the ability to create a fully-fledged hotel division, under a brand of the owner’s choosing, and by managing all of the necessary pre-opening procedures, handing the owners the keys to their own brand new hotel company.

After opening, Peacock then gives the owner the option to manage the operations of the hotel for a period of one, two or five years.

“Basically, when we begin we have simply the owner of a building, and by the time we’re done they have their own hotel management company. This gives the owner the option to turn to us when they are ready and say ‘thank you very much, you’ve done a good job, but I will take it from here’, and they can carry on the work we have done, without us,” says Jaber.

“Hotel owners are beginning to question why they should get engaged with the traditional large hotel chains, which impose all their rules and regulations in a contract that could last for 10 to 20 years.

With our package, owners have the freedom to handle their own investment and over the past two to three years, we’ve created more than five hotel management companies across the UAE and the GCC,” he says.

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