Face reader Eric Standop. Face reader Eric Standop.

Madinat Jumeirah will be hosting a face reader at the Talise Spa from December 29 2013 to January 9 2014 as part of its ‘Visiting Masters’ series.

According to a statement by the spa, face reading is “an ancient science and art which can reveal a person’s characteristics, personality traits, health and fate. Understanding the different signs in the face can unlock a person’s full potential, and build stronger and more rewarding relationships, helping to establish both professional and personal success.”

Eric Standop has more than nine years’ experience in facial diagnosis and face reading, having trained with other experts in Europe and South America.

An analysis with Standop – which costs AED 750 for an 80-minute session - can “help a person enhance their quality of life and see people with different eyes,” while “his expert revelations could also fulfil dreams and ambitions for the coming year,” explains the statement from Talise Spa.

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Standop combines the ancient Greek technique of Physiognomy and the Chinese version of Siang Mein. He also uses modern interpretations of facial diagnosis, micro expressions and body language during the 80-minute session.

Commenting on his visit, Standop said: “This will be my first time visiting Dubai and I am very much looking forward to this wonderful opportunity to work with residents in the UAE at Talise Spa, Madinat Jumeirah.”