Dan Seale, president of VTech’s hospitality division, explains how innovation plays an important role in aesthetic appeal and guest convenience

When was your company established and how has it grown over the years?
VTech was established in 1976 and the hospitality division in 2010. We employ 37,000 people across the various divisions. For FY 2012, our annual revenue was US $1858 million.

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What is your company vision?
From a corporate perspective, VTech’s vision is to be the most cost-effective designer and manufacturer of innovative, high-quality consumer electronics products and to distribute them to markets worldwide in the most efficient manner.

We believe that the guest room phone is an important communication touch point between the guest and hotel staff, impacting the guest experience and the hotel’s brand value.

To that end, our hospitality division is committed to offering hotels reliable phones with innovative features to enhance the aesthetic appeal and comfort of their guest rooms. This includes relevant, easy-to-use technology such as antibacterial plastic to protect guests from germs and USB ports so guests can charge their smart phones.

What are your core products and services for the hospitality industry?
VTech offers hotels a comprehensive line of phones for guest rooms, lobbies and other public spaces in an array of platforms to best fit the needs of the guests and the hotels’ PBX and telecom infrastructure.

What new products have you launched recently?
VTech recently launched a battery backup phone (CTM-A2411-BATT) that provides guests with a completely cordless in-room experience — plus the peace of mind of knowing that their phones will work during a power outage. This analog cordless phone features a backup battery option that lets guests stay connected and even make emergency calls should the power go out. Plus, thanks to our patented technology in the backup battery design, it can be used in the handset if the battery dies.

We also launched the Trimstyle lobby phone (A2310-NM), designed for desk or wall mounting, making this one-line, analog phone an easy fit in any guestroom or lobby. Contemporary design lends a fresh touch to interiors, while moisture-resistant surfaces and antibacterial plastic protect guests and housekeeping staff from germs.

The Accessory Petite Phone (CTM-A241P, CTM-S241P) is another product we launched, and features a compact footprint and USB charging port, making it ideal for the nightstand. Since this accessory phone registers to a cordless base, there is no need to install a phone line or PBX port for installation. The result is lower infrastructure costs and a better guest experience.

Finally, the corded-cordless phone (CTM-A2510) we introduced gives guests the best of both worlds: corded comfort and cordless freedom. The corded phone will work during a power outage, allowing them to stay connected and even make emergency calls.

What is your best seller?
VTech’s best seller is our Contemporary series, especially the analog corded and cordless phones. Our contemporary SIP cordless phone is also popular with upscale and luxury hotels.

What other news is there from your company this year?
VTech continues to pursue and gain product approvals from international hoteliers such as Carlson, Hilton, Hyatt, Intercontinental, Marriott and other well-known brands. Working with local channel partners, we completed installations of SIP and cordless phones at Rosewood Abu Dhabi, Conrad Dubai and Grand Hyatt Dubai.
Also, our US distribution centre celebrated five years without a recordable accident or lost work time.

What do you offer hotels above and beyond expectation?
With over 20 years’ experience in home communications, VTech has tried-and-true products and features that people use at home and expect when they travel. This includes, for example, the ability to talk hands-free on cordless handsets. Recognising the needs of hotels as unique and distinct from home telephony, we constantly seek feedback from channel partners and hotels to adapt our products to the hospitality market.

Equally important, we have invested extensive resources in delivering and supporting our phones too. Our global hospitality sales and operation team meets with the hotel corporate offices to ensure we meet brand standards, working closely with dealers, installers and hotels so each installation goes smoothly according to the demanding pace of the industry.

Tel : +44 1753 643 736
Web : www.vtechhotelphones.com

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