Emerson Electric Co., which carries brand Insinkerator has revealed turnover figures of more than US $24 billion in the last year.

The company specialises in the manufacturing of food waste disposers and steaming hot water taps for home and commercial use.

It showcased some of its key products at Gulfood 2013, including Waste Xpress machinery which is said to cut waste by up to 85%.

It also presented its steaming hot water taps currently used by Starbucks globally.

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“It’s [the steaming hot water tap] is ideal for F&B outlets either independents or hotel-based,” explained Mohammed Karam, business development manager.

“It is very convenient and saves water and electricity – it doesn’t use a large boiler which consumes too much energy to heat the tank, it only uses a small amount of electricity – it’s a small tank that can be placed under tabletops and achieves up to 100 cups per hour of boiling water,” he added.