The Waste Xpress (WX300) from InSinkErator The Waste Xpress (WX300) from InSinkErator

InSinkErator, a business unit of Emerson Electric Co., will launch its latest line of Steaming Hot Water Taps (SHWT) at Gulfood 2013, from February 25-28 at Dubai World Trade Centre.

The inventor and world’s largest manufacturer of food waste disposers and steaming hot water taps for home and commercial use will also showcase its full range of high performance commercial food waste disposers and pulper systems, as well as its  latest fully-programmable water control saving panel.

“We are excited to be a part of the coming editions of Gulfood and Ingredients Middle East - events that have a well deserved reputation amongst exporters, food specialists and hospitality professionals," said InSinkErator, Emerson FZE business development manager - MEA Mohamed Karam.

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"Participating at the show will allow us to showcase our diverse range of products, like our Waste Xpress System, which efficiently process all your food waste and our hot water dispensers, which can give you hot water instantly for cooking, cleaning or even for a cup of tea. In addition, the show will also serve as a strategic platform for us to interact closely and strenghten ties with loyal and potential customers,” he added.

The InSinkErator stand will be located at Z-B105 at Zabeel Hall of DWTC.



The Waste Xpress (WX300) is InSinkErator’s high performance Waste Reduction System that can process both liquid and solid waste.

Recommended for continuous operation areas like restaurants, hospitals, food courts, labour camps etc.. the model can help drive in key savings because there is less material to haul away and the staffs are left with more time to perform more productive tasks in a cleaner environment. The WX300 is a high-performance, grade pulping system that cost-effectively processes kitchen waste and is the perfect choice where space is at a premium.

The system has the unique ability to grind both food waste and other paper and plastic waste often mixed with food waste in restaurants. The kitchen waste is ground and then sent to a dewatering unit that squeezes the liquid out of the waste.

The water is sent down the drain to join the sewer or septic system and the ground waste is bagged and hauled away. Built from stainless steel, the WX300 can process up to 320 kg of kitchen waste and reduces bulk waste volume by 85 percent.

InSinkErator’s hot water dispensers can produce up to 100 cups of near-boiling water in one hour, using less energy than a 40 Watt light bulb. The dispensers offer users key savings in both money and time while also contributing to an environmentally responsible lifestyle with every use.

These SHWTs can be mounted on either the kitchen sink or work surface and draws water from a home or business supply line into InSinkErator’s specially designed filtration system, which reduces chlorine, lead, turbidity and other unpleasant tastes and odors to vastly improve the flavour of any drinks and foods. The water passes thru a 2.5-liter stainless steel tank, heated to 98 degrees centigrade and stored until it is used. As the water is used, more water is replaced in the tank, ensuring users instant hot water when needed. The units are also safe to use as there are no gas flames or hot surfaces to cause burns and nothing requiring to be plugged in above the work surface. In addition, the dispenser’s ‘Snap Shut’ valve stops the flow of hot water as soon as its lever is released.

Lastly, InSinkErator will also be showcasing the Aqua Saver AS101, the company’s fully programmable water saving control panel that acts as an on-demand water saving system for commercial disposer systems. The model ably senses the load of the disposer motor and regulates the amount of water needed for grinding and non-grinding situations. Using the Aqua Saver can reduce water usage by up to 70 per cent--translating to savings. The AS101 is easy to install and is made with stainless steel. Purchase of the unit comes with a three year full warranty.